The End of the World – Argentina, South Georgia & Antarctica

Day 22 — Ushuaia and Buenos Aires, Argentina

We arrived to Ushuaia harbour in the morning and we quickly went to the airport to take our flight back to Buenos Aires. This time our hotel was in the modern borough of Puerto Madero. We loved spending our last afternoon there walking near the artificial (and not used anymore) harbour and the riverside at sunset time.

Puerto Madero, the most modern district of Buenos Aires.
Puerto Madero, the most modern district of Buenos Aires.

We also had our best meal of the entire holiday: an Argentinian steak, of course, at Las Lillas restaurant (this time the prices were more similar to those you would expect in a European place). The district of Puerto Madero was lively in the evening and full of young people roller skating. Once more we realised how much we liked the Argentinian capital.

Day 23 — Back to Italy

At lunchtime our flight departed from the international airport of Buenos Aires and took us back to Italy. We were sad of going back to our normal lives, but definitely much richer inside.

All the photos have been shot with either my Nikon D90, my iPhone 4 or my father’s iPhone 5.