Clearly Google is thriving while Apple is doomed to fail

Or maybe we just don’t know yet.

In the last few months and weeks, but especially after the Google I/O developer conference held last Wednesday, the tech community on Twitter has gone crazy (as it often does). In particular, I was surprised to read a lot of praise directed at Google and their announcements. However, what was surprising was that this praise seemed to originate more as an implied critic of Apple as a company and it permeated a general sense of doom for the Cupertino company. This sentiment has accompanied Apple for a long time, especially within Wall Street, but it now reached a new extreme level probably because we are approaching the beginning of a new era in which we are not sure anymore whether having the best smartphone (i.e. the iPhone) is enough to be the best in the field. Even though these doubts are in part justified, I think fears have been amplified to unreasonable levels: Apple is not failing anytime soon even if some of their services are not as great as those made by Google, the same way that Google is not failing as a company despite Android and their hardware lacking compared to Apple’s counterparts. And for the same reasons we are not replacing Apple as the main company from which we buy most of our favourite devices anytime soon.  Continue reading “Clearly Google is thriving while Apple is doomed to fail”