The End of the World – Argentina, South Georgia & Antarctica

Day 15–16 — At Sea

Fin Whales approaching our ship very closely.
Fin Whales approaching our ship very closely.

Once again, we spent a couple of days at sea resting and attending lectures. This time we were also lucky enough to spot Fin Whales multiple times, and in one occasion we could see tens of them simultaneously.

Day 17 — Point Wild, Elephant Island, Antarctica

We arrived to the island just after breakfast. The sea and weather conditions were optimal to land, and it was apparently very rare as nobody of the crew, despite having worked with Hurtigruten for years, had the pleasure to do it before. Point Wild was the legendary place where Ernest Shackleton and his men took refuge after the loss of their ship (more historical info here). It was decided then to spend the whole day there and take advantage of the good weather.

Disembarking in Point Wild.